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Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Our Data Management Services are your solution for improving the quality and accessibility of common day-to-day data. FRISTA Data Management offers uniquely fast and agile master data services for the creation and processing of customer, supplier and product information. An internal control system guarantees error-free data entry with high process efficiency. This gives you security and control over your data – at all times.

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Master Data Management

The proportion of electronic commerce is constantly increasing, and with it the importance of well-maintained and up-to-date master data. Master data and master data maintenance, such as complete, correct, up-to-date and unambiguous information on products, are the prerequisite for optimal sales. With Master Data Management, we make you ready for challenges such as automation in e-commerce or standardization processes for the global market.

EDI Services

With EDI Services from FRISTA, you benefit from the full range of perfectly orchestrated data exchange. With a fast and reliable flow of information, you optimize your business processes, coordinate just-in-time deliveries, enable seamless traceability and guarantee the best customer service – creating a solid foundation for productivity and competitiveness.

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Managing master data is a very special responsibility. Our team is therefore particularly proud of their work for you and the high quality and security of our data management services.

Marta Wos
Senior Quality Specialist - Responsable for Quality Management System within Frista

Test & Try – Your entry into the world of nearshoring

Our Test&Try method offers you a uniquely fast and low-risk entry into the world of nearshoring. With customized processes and an agile setup, FRISTA offers you seamless nearshoring solutions from day one and the necessary flexibility for the future.

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FRISTA is your Swiss nearshoring partner, specializing in IT, HR, finance and marketing processes. We will provide you with the space you need – so that you can fully concentrate on your winning core activities.

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