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IT services at FRISTA in two words – competent and efficient. When we work on IT solutions for our customers, we take a holistic approach. We analyze the system, diagnose problems, investigate the causes and implement secure and effective solutions. Thanks to our qualified and experienced team, we bring your IT systems to a completely new level.

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IT Service Desk

In the support area, the IT help desk plays a particularly important role. The failure of IT systems blocks the work of entire departments and costs a company a lot of money. With our IT service desk, we guarantee that you and your employees receive the best professional support at all times – for reliable IT operations.

IT Service Desk

blank IT Application Management

As your application managers, we ensure the ongoing operation of your applications. We coordinate and control the tasks and performance of your applications. Our IT application management fixes errors and problems and provides 2nd level support for your users. You can also fully rely on our know-how and experience for the further development of your applications.

blank Software Development

The software development is an especially challenging task. Only those who understand the requirements can deliver the right result. Our experienced developers within FRISTA are specialized in a variety of programming languages and create a tailor-made piece of secure and efficient software for your business requirements.

blank Maintenance & Monitoring

To ensure that you can rely on the performance of your systems at all times, FRISTA offers you effective downtime protection. We identify system damage and coordinate and improve processes. With a diverse range of IT maintenance support – from the maintenance of POS systems through the support of operating and storage systems up to the monitoring of your IT landscape – FRISTA offers you everything you can expect from IT support.

blank Testing & Automation

Time is money – that’s why we place special emphasis on the flawless execution of test cases and the continuous development of processes. By automating test steps or automatically creating test data, we enable you to concentrate on your profitable core business at all times. Thanks to the use of RPA developments, we also support you in increasing the efficiency of your business processes.

blank Business Intelligence

FRISTA Business Intelligence gives you the ability to think abstractly and rationally and to take appropriate action. Thanks to modern technology, our team of specialists helps you to analyze your data, generate usable information and present it in such a way that your end users can make the best possible decisions.

Nothing suitable there? We can provide much more. If you have further needs, please contact us and you will receive an individual offer tailored to your requirements.



With our IT services, we want to make our customers’ lives easier. With a focus on people and a holistic view of innovative technologies, we succeed in providing smooth and custom-fit IT solutions for our customers.

Marcin Kolasa
IT Director/Senior IT Customer and Business Manager

Test & Try – Your entry into the world of nearshoring

Our Test&Try method offers you a uniquely fast and low-risk entry into the world of nearshoring. With customized processes and an agile setup, FRISTA offers you seamless nearshoring solutions from day one and the necessary flexibility for the future.

Test & Try


FRISTA is your Swiss nearshoring partner, specializing in IT, HR, finance and marketing processes. We will provide you with the space you need – so that you can fully concentrate on your winning core activities.

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