How we managed to implement a checkout system in over 650 stores across Europe – without interrupting operations

We were asked by one of our customers – a large fashion retailer – to roll out a new modern checkout system in all their stores. The solution of choice was GK from SAP, which, however, had never been implemented in the fashion retail sector before. In addition, new hardware was also required in many stores. A particular challenge was the location of the stores, which were spread all over Europe. After all, not only the work had to be coordinated on-site, but also all country-specific regulations had to be observed. Of course, the conversion of the POS system had to be carried out without interfering with day-to-day business and system availability.

To solve this pioneering task, the FRISTA team worked directly with SAP. A specialized project team and an in-house IT support team with all the necessary language skills were proactively in contact with each individual branch at all times – including personal on-site visits.

After implementation, further feedback was gathered and work was done to improve the systems. Until today, the multilingual roll-out team is responsible for the support of the POS systems – learned know-how thus remains on site and an overall view of the system since the beginning is guaranteed. In addition, the workload of the customer’s IT team could be significantly reduced and they could focus on other important projects.

Thanks to FRISTA, the new POS system was successfully implemented – within the planned budget and timeframe. Thanks to the close support of the individual branches and optimal project management, the changeover for the customer was virtually frictionless and without any losses.