Nearshoring of business processes – simple, fast and secure with the FRISTA Test & Try method

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FRISTA opens up the whole world of customized nearshoring solutions to you. In an initial analysis meeting, we will jointly determine your needs and send you an offer for a temporary takeover of your business processes. If you agree with the scope and duration, we will start with the takeover and optimization of your processes. During this test & try phase, you can experience how easy nearshoring can be with FRISTA. At the end of the agreed period, you decide whether or how you want to continue working with FRISTA.

Our Test & Try Method

Our Test&Try method offers you an easy way to evaluate FRISTA’s flexible and customized nearshoring processes quickly and with low risk. We offer Test & Try starting at an approximate workload of 200% for new and existing customers. For an optimal cooperation in the Test & Try phase, a fixed contact person and an interface to your IT systems is an advantage.

This is how easy Test & Try works

Getting in touch
Contact us for an initial briefing.

Together we clarify your requirements.

You will receive an offer from us for a customized solution.

Process Transfer
We take over your processes step by step in the Test & Try phase and you enjoy the advantages of nearshoring with FRISTA.

Defining further cooperation
You decide how the further cooperation will look like.

What is the advantage of Test & Try?

With the Test & Try method, you can test and evaluate FRISTA’s extensive range of services simply, quickly and at low risk. Getting started in nearshoring has never been easier.

If you do not have any experience in nearshoring or want to start directly with us – no problem, we will be happy to work together to create individual process transfer schedules for you.



FRISTA is your Swiss nearshoring partner, specializing in IT, HR, finance and marketing processes. We will provide you with the space you need – so that you can fully concentrate on your winning core activities.

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