Payroll & HR Services

At FRISTA we passionately believe that your people, and their unique collective abilities are the cornerstone of driving sustainable growth for your business. One of many challenges organisations face is how to retain talented employees under the right conditions. We believe taking care of human resources plays a pivotal role, as it creates our reality. We fully recognise the value of human capital and all requirements that must be met to handle its management responsibly.

We are focused on error-free management of the employment process. We deal with administration procedures regarding contracts, employment certificates, medical checks and other critical daily tasks, as well as the handling of non-salary benefits and personnel files management.

We also provide comprehensive consulting services in this field and ensure on-going contact with external entities and government institutions on behalf of our clients.

We are responsible for all payroll processes and are fully dedicated to carrying them out with due diligence and punctuality. We strive for a high level of employee satisfaction, so we are always ready to deal with their everyday concerns.

Our depth of experience in serving companies with high staff turnover means we are a highly trusted and reliable partner for handling the swift run of information. We have in-depth knowledge of the labour law, insurance law and a variety of forms of employment across various international territories.

Our services provide you with fast and convenient access to personnel and payroll documents and also help to reduce the costs of documentation storage. By providing transparent and reliable payroll reporting, we contribute to more efficient management of your employment planning, whilst putting you in greater control of the whole process.