Retail Specific Solutions to streamline customer service

A successful retail business relies on the compilation of specific processes.

Omnichannel Customer Service

How do you maintain client satisfaction and long-standing loyalty? Respond to their requests using omnichannel solutions. FRISTA is very aware that customer care is the cornerstone of retail business prosperity and that is why our team is strongly focused on keeping this paramount.

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Facility Management

How do you take care of the facilities maintenance effectively while the sales and customer care are in the foreground? FRISTA supervises business relationships with contractors so they will be most beneficial.

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Architectural Service

To create a unique atmosphere in the places where the most important customer decisions are made, stores must be both captivating and convenient. We provide you with the best quality of style and functionality.

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Inventory and Delivery Control

Reliable evaluation often requires a detached look. Only the right perspective together with having a range of data and the ability to analyse it can really accelerate your business progress.

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Logistic and Transport Support

The flow of goods is inseparable from bearing the risk of arising discrepancies and oversights. Transport services require constant supervision and readiness to swiftly coordinate all actions. Information is power.

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Shop Control

Business on a large scale comes with great opportunities and even greater risks, thus advanced control is vital. Our team provides a unique service for controlling sales operations.

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Loss Prevention

Inefficient business processes can generate losses of both goods and money. We provide comprehensive advanced anti-fraud support. We have a set of practices employed to preserve your profit and minimise the risk of deliberate or inadvertent human actions.

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