Architectural Service

In order to create a unique atmosphere in the places where the most important customer decisions are made, stores must be both captivating and convenient. FRISTA provides you with the best quality of style and functionality; we are a superior provider of architectural projects designed to meet your specific needs. Our concept designs are compliant with all local and national codes and regulations, thus providing you a secure but tailored service.

Our Architectural Service team (Store Fitting) is responsible for new openings, refits and relocations of stores in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia) and many of our Partners’ stores (Greece, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Ukraine, Egypt, Cyprus, Russia, Croatia and many others).

Our services provide business owners with the technology required to make their ideas a reality and also allow them to reduce operational costs. We prepare concept plans according to the newest store concepts, Shopping Centre Manuals, and local law, as well as cost estimations (store-fitting elements) of the new investments. We handle placing the orders to suppliers (sound system, lamps, and supply-chain) and coordination of works on-site at Eastern European stores to make sure that the quality of building meets the client’s standards.

Through our extensive experience and deep-domain knowledge, we provide you with exceptional quality as well as reduced costs and time of completion.