Facility Management

How do you effectively take care of the facilities maintenance while the sales and customer care are in the foreground? FRISTA supervises business relationships with contractors so they will be most beneficial. We cooperate with external contractors aiming to provide you with the best solutions for your technical non-IT equipment. We ensure the integration of people, systems, place, process, and technology, enabling you to focus on your core business strategy.

Our team supports the maintenance of all non-IT equipment that aims to keep the points of sales problem-free for clients. We are currently responsible for maintaining hundreds of stores across Europe and ensuring they are a safe and trouble-free environment from which to purchase. We identiify external contractors, negotiate conditions of orders and coordinate their execution as well as financial settlements.

We are the single point of contact for multiple facility companies that work for our clients operating in numerous countries, ensuring hundreds of stores are always in the best shape and ready for everyday sales activities. We provide support in:

Investing in tools, staff and training as well as bearing the risk of equipment failure and personnel issues are all on our side. The convenience of avoiding sudden or unpredictable costs is on yours.

We provide you with a verified and tested suppliers’ base. Standardised tasks like routine cleanings and equipment repair that fall outside of your core competencies can all be transferred to FRISTA to ensure proper execution in a cost-efficient manner.