Inventory and Delivery Control

Reliable evaluation often requires a detached perspective. Only by providing the right perspective, together with having a range of data and analytical competencies, can you really accelerate the progress of our business. We can provide your business with the appropriate insight and reporting reliability to inform and improve your processes. We monitor your inventory procedures to identify any risks, and mitigate them as appropriate. Our team carries out insightful analysis of goods for sale movement that provides you with strategic information about your stock situation, so you can always be in control and respond proactively.

We are experts on inventory procedure, both from the analytical and practical side. We compare inventory status with actual state and we know how to make sure that the merchandise is always on sale and not stored for too long.

Our team constantly provides analysis of data from consignment notes to reach the source of omissions such as dispatches not delivered, goods lost in transit and deliveries appearing incomplete. We investigate the results of stocktaking to be able to define and correct all these abnormalities.

A vital part of our work is data validation and reporting after analysis as it helps you to understand the root of your losses. Currently, we serve nearly 1000 stores and perform around 2000 annual inventories.

We are inherently familiar with numerous systems and programs like SAP and Manhattan, and our advanced Excel skills means we can guarantee great attention to detail. We can also flexibly speak different languages depending on the region we serve.

Results analyses provide strategic information about internal processes, help to enhance their reliability and, at the same time, reduce costs. Simultaneously, the continued movement of goods is provided, therefore increasing the return of sales.

As we compare the inventory state with the actual one, we protect you from internal sabotage and manipulating analysis data. We focus on keeping our interpretations transparent and of the highest quality – our leading idea is actual reporting in place of “watermelon” reporting.