Logistic and Transport Support

Transport services require ongoing supervision and a constant state of readiness to swiftly coordinate all actions. Information is control. Registration of the transport operations provides continuous access to logistic insights, which translates into excellent results. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the information that puts you in control.

We hire ambitious individuals who are motivated to develop our joint competences. Having such a detailed knowledge of transportation programs and courier platforms, coupled with our attention to detail and an ambitious but methodical approach made it possible for us to increase our scale of action;  the in-house system provided only 17 registered transport complaints in one year, against a backdrop of 20 registrations per month. This shows how dedicated we are to making every operation transparent and well-verified, thus enabling our clients to ensure that no resources are wasted.

Our logistic and transport support team is acutely focused on keeping in touch with carriers, so the power of information can put you in control of all delivery processes. Fast invoice processing results in avoiding default interests and information regarding cost centres saves you time and money.