Loss Prevention

Efficient provision of well-evaluated data and prompt feedback is the key to cost reduction as it allows our clients to react immediately to changing circumstances. Inefficient business processes can generate losses in both goods and money. We provide comprehensive advanced anti-fraud support. We have a set of practices employed to preserve your profit and minimise the risk of deliberate or inadvertent human actions. Our Loss Prevention team delivers high-profile services based on creating tailor-made procedures counteracting any possible loss.

Specific procedures are crucial for mitigating the risk of damage and waste and for identifying deceptions and other progressing methods of financial fraud. We coordinate the actions of every service in the company, paying special attention to the sources of loss and analysing all the information obtained from particular departments and IT systems.

In order to ensure success, we liaise fully with sales departments and other key units, as well as arrange visits to the stores to raise awareness and provide further education about loss reduction methods among the employees.