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Whats our secret?

It’s not really a secret, it’s the people. We work on creating not only integrated solutions, but integrated teams as well. Here at Frista, we are driven by the rapid growth and the global reach of our business services. We get things done within a great atmosphere we ambitiously work on building together as one team.

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Spontaneous application

We simply aim for the top for both our company and our customers – and we believe that it all stems from the workplace. That’s why we create an environment that enables our ambitious people to be their best selves and to add their indispensable value to our business, allowing us to provide the best service to our clients.

Ewelina Kuba
HR Business Partner

Why you should join us

The kind of person you are matters to us. We care to know your needs, skills, ambitions, as well as what drives you in life. Naturally, that is what helps us determine your fit in here at Frista. So who are you?

Seeking Self-Development

There is a curiosity for new experiences in you, you want to grow and learn new things and have paved a career path for yourself?
Here at Frista, constant interesting challenges and ambitious goals will come your way making your development always on the move. We want our employees to develop their careers and broaden their horizons.

Proactive Attitude

Do you like to take initiative, are not afraid to propose new solutions, and give all you do maximum commitment?​ Within Frista, you will meet passionate people that derive satisfaction from their work. You can count on our support and openness to your ideas and proactive engagement.​

Fluent in English

You communicate fluently in English, and perhaps know German, French or Italian as well?​ Working for Frista, you will have the opportunity to carry out international projects for our international customers from Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.​

Your Head is full of ideas

You see several ways to achieve a goal, you look at a solution from several perspectives, and you act creatively and think out of the box?​ We have made Frista to be a place that encourages creativity and vision. Here, you have an impact on the project from start to finish. If you want to create something, go for it, we got your back.

Made for Teamwork

You feel comfortable in an international environment and have already carried out successful projects in a team? ​ Here, we focus on the exchange of competence, complement each other’s experience, and inspire each other. We draw power from teamwork, making us fearless when facing the international challenges of our Clients.

Eager and Energetic

You like to be in the center of the action and have the energy for it, and you feel good in a dynamic work environment?​ You will never be bored at Frista, because there is always something going on. We have a flexible workspace where we appreciate the energy of our staff.

Our Benefits

In addition to creating a diverse workplace and an inclusive work culture for all, there are several other ways we care about the people that have chosen Frista.​


… that uplifts and flows within our workspace, and drives each and every one of us.​


… to be acquired out of our many implemented projects and the ones to come.​


… to be shared with you, thanks to a work culture of support and development where people are open to exchange competences.


… to add value and implement your own ideas and initiatives in an inclusive, multicultural environment.​


… of having private medical care, as well as multi-sport access for your convenience.​


… with an office at the heart of Warsaw, in one of the best locations in all of Poland.

HR Team

  • Agnieszka Kurek Agnieszka Kurek Training & Development Manager
  • Katarzyna Świderska Katarzyna Świderska HR Business Partner
  • Ewelina Uszynska Ewelina Uszynska HR Business Partner

Our Recruitment Process – 6 steps to join us!

Like what you are seeing so far? You can contribute and add value to all of it and more. Get a glimpse of how the recruitment process goes here at Frista, you will find it to be quite simple actually!​


See a vacancy that you like? Or perhaps you would like us to find your fit? Send us your CV either way.​

CV Screening

Our HR Team receives and analyzes your CV. Make sure to put all those additional perks and achievements in there, we look at them too!​

Interview – HR Check

Let’s get to know each other. Our talent Acquisition Specialist will get in touch with you concerning the offer.​

Interview –  Hiring Manager

Following a positive evaluation, you will be having your second interview with a Hiring Manager this time for technical details​.


Rest assured that an assessment will be coming your way no matter the outcome, be it an offer of cooperation, or constructive feedback.​

Welcome to Frista

Everything worked out? Great!
Welcome to FRISTA. Welcome to the team.

Our Team – Come and become part of that team!​

Gravitated towards an eagerness to learn and acquire new knowledge and experience, our international personnel are are driven by the energy to act, engage, strive for a challenge, and seek results together with the spirit of one team, a team that reaches and unleashes its full potential.


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