IT Helpdesk 1st Line

We are the 1st Line of support for all kinds of IT office and store equipment including the points of sale, making ourselves available every day within our clients’ working hours, including weekends.
Our IT Helpdesk team provides you with fast-paced technical support, delivered by dedicated multi-language experts utilising their skills in registration, analytics and problem-solving every-day IT challenges.

Our ticketing systems provide transparency and control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that your business suffers no downtime, whilst our fully comprehensive reporting enables you to monitor and solve the root causes of recurring challenges.

The FRISTA Service Desk Team provides quick and effective support in 7 languages for our clients, currently serving 900 of our clients’ stores and offices across Europe.

Our operations include remote troubleshooting, solving IT difficulties with e-mails, desktops, cash desks and data mismatch in the system. We support people working in our clients’ offices and stores who use basic IT devices and additional equipment, such as desktops, mobile phones, cash desk systems, Internet radio and People Counter cameras.

The output reports we generate not only enable us to manage all actions, but allows you to monitor our efficiency. The service level agreement concerning our responsiveness guarantee ensures that our solution-oriented approach translates into results.

Fully focused on fast troubleshooting and implementing reliable solutions to specific issues, we deliver our services in the most targeted way, remaining responsive and focused on boosting the excellence of your overall processes throughout.