How we succeeded in launching an international e-commerce store

Our client’s strategy was to significantly increase their online sales – unfortunately, the software they were using was flawed. The deficiencies had already been confirmed by an external agency and forced us to significantly improve the software before launch.

One of the client’s wishes was to build a permanent highly qualified e-commerce team to fulfill their future online goals.

In the forefront of the launch, we assembled a ten-person team of independent experts with all competencies, both technical and in marketing & sales. Thanks to a comprehensive implementation plan, both the launch of the online store and the integration and full operational capability of the new team succeeded – on time and on budget.

Thanks to the creation of the comprehensive e-commerce team by FRISTA and the detailed and careful setup for the launch of the store, the client’s ambitious goals were achieved. Thanks to FRISTA, online sales increased by 84% with a conversion rate of 88%.